KRIS is capable of classifying LiDAR data, creating terrain models etc. for various domains including cartography, mining, power and telecommunications network industries.


The technical services provided by KRIS are very cost effective and qualitative which in turn provide a cutting edge to our customers among their competitors. We seamless integrate LiDAR data with other data sets, including orthophotos imagery. We can create high resolution maps from point cloud data. Products created from very accurate point cloud data include planimetrics, countours, DEM’s, DTM’s, TIN’s, intensity images, and much more.

We keep pace with LiDAR innovations such as multiple intensity returns and increased pulse repetition rates to produce increasingly accurate and cost-effective maps and images. We can also combine LiDAR with other survey data and GIS input to produce geomorphically-oriented mapping and imaging, as well as advanced 3D models.

  •  Floodplain mapping, with flood hazard prediction, hydrology and hydraulic mapping
  •  Forest inventory for tree heights, timber and biomass volumetric calculations
  •  Transport and Utility corridor mapping
  •  3D construction and urban modeling
  •  Land-use (socio-economic activity/activities) and land-cover (grass, asphalt, trees, bare ground, water, etc.) classification

We can also provide “quality control” on data processed by other companies.
Ortho photography
Depending on the project KRIS uses a wide variety of software packages for Ortho-Photographic processing. 
Whether a project is flown with a manned aircraft or UAV, we have the ability to create the most accurate and high resolution ortho-rectified imagery possible.


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