Data Mining Techniques in Cyber security Protection Systems:

For University Consortium (2016)

The best way for these threats to be detected is through data analysis. Modern businesses generate a huge amount of data daily from user activity, file transfer, network traffic, and many other electronic transactions. In the normal day to day running of the business, certain patterns can be observed in this data and so any unusual behavior can be observed as an abnormality in the normal patterns. The problem is that it can be very difficult and time-consuming for humans to try to sift through this massive amount of data to determine the patterns and any unusual activity.

Machines are much more efficient than humans at recognizing patterns, and artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning can enable a computer to learn and become more intelligent, the more data it parses. The project utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning that allows security teams to speed up the process of threat detection and thereby respond to incidents more quickly and to put preventative measures in place.

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