Kris Analytics Solutions leverage the expertise in location intelligence and provides perfect tailor-made GIS Solutions, Remote Sensing and mapping solutions for RF planning, wired and wireless planning.

As part of our operations, we work with massive quantities of geodata and data received from the clients. This data will be engineered to apply industry level standardization as well as client-specific rules. Once the data is ready after the exploratory analysis, the strides of modeling takes place to generate the results. The results will then be organized into reports and shared with clients.

The whole process is semi-automated. Currently, our team is working on the tools of different technologies that were created from collaborative work of the team members over the last 10 years. This has resulted in incremental and steady improvements not only to our processes but helped in evolving the hegemony of one umbrella “KRIS” i.e. Knowledge through Information Systems (2017).

As we continue to strive for a paradigm shift in these processes, we would like a peripheral view to inject fresh thinking in our processes. We update every day with the modern technologies in data mining and engineering including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We leverage technologies both in house and external to process, cleanse, and structure trillions of location-related databases to enable better insights, analytics that target addressing challenges of our clients. Location intelligence is an emerging and innovative technology that combines a deep knowledge of consumer behavior and data analytics to better understand the consumer path to purchase and build experiences, which is more effectively engaged with targeted audiences.

We deliver authentic, and accurate results—on-time and on-budget for clients around the world. Kris Analytic solutions is a full-service geospatial mapping and analytics company offering complete, innovative, turnkey solutions. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish or provide for your mapping solutions or GIS project. At the core of our geospatial mapping business is our team of dedicated, accredited professionals — experts with proven industry success. For every service and product we offer, we have a team with the necessary expertise to ensure the best possible results.

Our advanced analytical models are the foundation of ‘Kris Analytics Solutions’ which involve the real-time analysis in the model development representing the intersection of our diverse research, science, technology and engineering allowing us to portray visually effective solutions. With these advanced models, we are not limited by just software — but further equipped with advanced risk modeling in a variety of exciting new ways.

We solve challenges that arise from critical situations like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, attacks of terrorism and outbreak of infectious diseases.

‘Kris Analytics Solutions’ not only helps social problems connected with most extreme catastrophic events but also problems of financial institutions and public agencies to understand and measure risk scenarios, facilitating a resilient and sustainable environment for their business.

While technology is tremendously important to us, we focus more on our customers. Every product developed, and service rendered at Kris is designed, not only keeping you in mind and but also tailored to your specific requirements. We remain to be a leader in the geospatial mapping industry because we are more focused in balancing the customer-orientation and technology-driven. We really listen to what others say.

We have the experiences that take the advantage of cross platform implementations of technology to provide customers with apt solutions in an effective and seamless way.

Our quest for perfection is unquenchable—during the next five years or so, we’re likely to see a seamless sweeping integration of the consumer experience across physical and virtual environments.

We alter the client’s decision journey by our life predictions from big data, to the path of success!

We pamper you to the strides of safety through our engine that works on the next generation Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Statistics and Advanced predictive analytics.

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